I would like to order more tulips? How is that possible?

If you want to order larger quantities of tulips, you can create a business account, we will contact you the same day, we can package and deliver large quantities.

Can I attach a postcard?

Our beautiful gift cards are coming soon. We will write down your personal message, you can choose from 10 beautiful postcards. You can then indicate whether you want a ticket with your order.

How can I see what I have ordered?

When you have created an account, you can review what you have already ordered.

How can I best take care of the Tulips so that they have a longer vase life?

You can take a look at Care Tips, which contains the most important tips, but also fun facts about Tulips and what you can do with the Tulips.

We prefer to answer most questions by email, you will receive an answer to all your questions within 1 day. Contact Tulips By Post by e-mail:

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